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Buying With Cash

We can pay cash for your home, will buy it as-is, and close very quickly. Don’t deal with lengthy timelines in conventional bank-financed transactions or the uncertainty surrounding the appraisal and underwriting process. Call us today to learn what we can pay for your house!

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Seller Financing

Concerned about the tax burden of selling your home? We’d love to discuss the option of seller financing with you. Receive a large down-payment and cash-flowing monthly principal and interest payments and defer your tax gain over an extended period of time. All with the ease and speed of a cash transaction!

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Property Management

Not interested in selling but in need of some help? Please contact us to learn what our professional property management services and partners can do for you!

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Purchasing and selling are no small ventures, and we are prepared to guide you through each process with excellence and enthusiasm. Team NVG is committed to secure a suitable buyer for your house, and to help you procure your next greatest investment. We represent buyers and sellers of varying backgrounds and aspirations. You can feel at home in our care, and be assured we will work hard to serve you with a premium real estate transaction experience. 

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